At last a detox which is simple, affordable and effective! Pure Body from Touchstone Essentials has arrived!

Sons and daughters of the earth, steep yourself in the sea of matter, bathe in its fiery waters, for it is the source of your life and your youthfulness.

You thought you could do without it because the power of thought has been kindled in you? You hoped that the more thoroughly you rejected the tangible, the closer you would be to spirit: that you would be more divine if you lived in the world of pure thought, or at least more angelic if you fled the corporeal? Well, you were like to have perished of hunger.

You must have oil for your limbs, blood for your veins, water for your soul, the world of reality for your intellect: do you not see that the very law of your own nature makes these a necessity for you?

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


Detoxification has become a necessity these days and many products and techniques have become available to the public.

But what works? And do we really detox effectively so that we are free of toxicity permanently? We have colonic irrigation, herbs, water and juice fasts, diet changes, saunas, steam baths and much much more. But can these remedies actually remove the heavy metals and toxins which have embedded themselves in our tissues and organs?

Despite all these efficient remedies, it is still possible that detoxification is not quite as effective as we would like it to be. So what can be done?

In this article I would like to share information which may change our lives.

I have found a product which not only supports all other detox programmes: it is itself a highly effective detox remedy.

Pure Body has revolutionised the state of my health.

I was born in 1950. In my childhood, I experienced all the vaccinations going plus numerous doses of antibiotics. I was exposed to more vaccinations than other children as my father’s work took us abroad frequently.

3 years ago, I started a detox programme. I did colon flushes, kidney cleanses and numerous gallbladder and liver flushes. I suffered from frequent abdominal pain, sometimes more sometimes less severe. I also suffered joint pains and began to think that I was simply growing old and had to put up with this discomfort for the rest of my life. The cleanses were effective: I shed 2 stone over the 3 years. My weight became stable and as I had also changed my eating habits, it has remained constant. Nonetheless I still had inexplicable bouts of fever and pains in joints and muscles. Then I was bitten by an infected tick.

3 years ago I had also tried out a zeolite product which was the best of its kind at the time. I did feel better quite quickly but I couldn’t afford the cost as it was simply astronomical.

At the end of April this year, Touchstone Essentials finally launched in Europe. We had to wait for 2 months after the US launch, as the product’s popularity exceeded all expectations.

I had already pre-registered in March: I had a genuine intuitive knowledge that this product was going to help me at a very deep level. And to top that, the product, Pure Body, was totally affordable!

After a month of taking Pure Body, all my symptoms had disappeared: abdominal pain, muscular and joint aches, breathing difficulties, lack of energy and physical weakness, feelings of hopelessness and foggy thinking. I felt stronger and full of energy and enthusiasm and began to dare to hope and plan again. I could think clearly again too. My moods stabilised and so did my energy levels. I could hardly believe it!

Now I would like to look a little closer at the reasons we all need Pure Body.

The heavy metals mentioned have been in our bodies for decades. If they are not excreted by the body because the immune system is no longer capable of escorting them out, they end up in our fatty tissue, in our bones, in our organs, in our brains.

  • If you were vaccinated, heavy metals were used in the vaccines (mercury)
  • If you had mercury fillings in your teeth, then you have heavy metals in your body
  • If you smoke or have smoked, then you need to know that cigarettes do not only contain tobacco but also heavy metals along with other poisons
  • If you live or work in a city, every breath you take contains heavy metals
  • If you eat any food, it will either have been sprayed or grown in poor soil and is full of the pollution around having absorbed it
  • If you use cosmetics / shampoos / conditioners, be aware that they too have been pumped full of chemicals which when absorbed by the body are toxic
  • If you eat fish, the lead and mercury in them will be absorbed into your body
  • When you drink water, unless it is carefully filtered and purified, you will be drinking chemicals and heavy metals
  • If you are on a path of personal  and /or spiritual growth, you will find it particularly distressing to lack the ability to ground in your body because you are feeling sick, stressed and weak

So what’s the solution?

First and foremost to deal with the toxins and help the immune system to strengthen. Our immune system has gotten used to overlook disease in the body and that results in the disease becoming chronic. Chronic disease is discouraging as we believe we have to put up and live with it. We will have finally become used to always feeling below par and to believe that is normal. We feel a bit tired, a bit lacklustre, a pain here, another there, and then we suddenly lose our sense of ourselves and regret our youth which is definitely over.

But after just a month on Pure Body – 3 x 4 drops a day – I felt such a difference in my well-being. I hadn’t felt so good in a very long time.

Why Pure Body?

When choosing a zeolite supplement such as Pure Body, there are several key areas which need to be checked to ensure you are getting an effective product. It is important to make sure the Clinoptilolite zeolite product you’re getting meets the requirements outlined below. For this reason Touchstone Essentials  publish all of their data publicly, thus making themselves a transparent company, a wonderful example of integrity and good ethics in business today.

The three most important areas to check when choosing a zeolite supplement are –

Size – As zeolite comes from the mine as crystal rocks, powdered form can range from 10-40 microns which may have some benefit in the colon but little else. To get through the bloodstream, you have to go smaller (0.3 mean micron) which most, if not all other brands do not comply with or meet the adequate size needed to enter the bloodstream.

Composition – You should be able to determine the percentage of clinoptilolite you are getting. As a naturally mined mineral, zeolite deposits have varying levels of different types of zeolite, so knowing the percentage of clinoptilolite is important to determine its effectiveness.

Clean – In nature, zeolites do the same job in their natural environment as they do in our bodies. Unfortunately this mean that any mined zeolite which is not processed properly can be full of lead, arsenic and other environmental toxins. Zeolite is very effective at holding onto these pollutants so whilst they are unlikely to do any harm, it’s not going to have room to trap the toxins in your body limiting its effectiveness.

To read more and also check Touchstone Essentials’ test data please go to and

I am very enthusiastic about this product and want to recommend it to everyone. It is inexpensive to order and since there is a European distribution depot, there are no customs to pay on it. The depot is in the Netherlands and the product can thus be shipped all over Europe effectively.

As I explained, we live in a toxic world and it is becoming  ever more urgent for us to take responsibility for our health. Now we can begin with that endeavour by taking Pure Body and becoming stronger and healthier. Pure Body is easy to take and works rapidly in the body to eliminate toxins. It is vital to drink enough water in order to support its efficiency.

Good health has become possible and affordable for all.

Magdalene Tamara Callea

To order Pure Body for yourself click on the website address above


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