Feeling – our gateway into transformation

How do we manage to block our abundance in a Universe where the Law of Abundance operates without ceasing? How is it that we get stuck in routine and habitual behaviours which belie our Aliveness?

I woke up this morning to thoughts of the past and noticed that every morning and throughout the day, I spend time thinking, feeling, imagining, remembering what is past, gone, no longer alive except for a picture in my memory and — most importantly! – still alive in my feelings! This means that my feelings are to do with ghosts, with things that cannot change except in the present moment as I release and allow them to reside in the past which they now inhabit.

I look into my heart and ask: What do I really wish to feel? I practise I AM statements and finding the feeling that goes with  each one of them.

I am abundant – that feels expansive, sunny and joyful.

I am healthy, I am strong  – feels powerful in the body, I can feel myself wanting to move, I move and dance.

I am beautiful – aaah, that feels good! A deep sigh of appreciation.

I am talented and wise – that brings up the desire to share with others.

I am grateful – a sweetness expands around the heart.

But why practise? Have I not spent a life-time practising this, that and the other? When will practising have an end? And when do I cease practising and put it all into action?

My answer is that I practise and put it into action every day. The words ‘practice’, and ‘discipline’ are beautiful. They convey to me a sense of deep Self-Love for I am dedicated to something, committed to something, passionate about something – all feeling words again! The difference  is that while I was ‘practising’ living in the past and cultivating habitual negative thinking, I am now choosing to feel different.

Recently, someone criticized my ever renewable ability to become enthusiastic. At first I was perplexed and briefly re-visited childhood shame around being “too”exuberant. But I soon realised, as I checked in with myself, that feeling enthusiastic was a good feeling! I recognised that the person was speaking from their upper body centres – without the heart being the bridge. Thus the lower body centres had been consistently disconnected and there was a sense of envy which became rationalised into defence and came out as criticism.

How often do we experience this in our culture? We have been consistently shamed into de-pressing our feelings rather than ex-pressing them. We have mastered this practice so well! Time to practise something else? Yes please!!!

So that is my commitment, my dedication, my passion. I have been given this wondrous ability to feel, I am a sentient (feeling) being and I use it, every day, at every opportunity, to transform the stagnation of static thoughts and thus contribute to changing the consciousness of the Whole. And when I forget, I  have another gift: I start to feel uncomfortable, dissatisfied, depressed. Let us honour our feelings, all of them, because they are our gateway to growth and transformation which is our natural birthright.

I inherit from my ancestors all the abilities and gifts which have taken lifetimes to hone and I participate in the transformation by adding my own particular gifts which will work backward and forward in time.

Join me again for further sharing and let me know your own experiences!


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