I am passionate about embodying the spirit that I Am. I have spent my life gathering experience and information about consciousness and healing – and now the time has come in 2015 to step out and share the synthesis of all I have learned,  metabolised and alchemised. My main priority is to help people see that spirituality is in everything, it is everywhere and is very ordinary!  I am thrilled to be alive at this exciting time on Planet Earth!

Originally I trained as a Clinical Psychologist with a degree from the University of Heidelberg. I knew since my teens that this was what I wanted to “become”. Then I went exploring: I tried out multiple  modalities of therapy, I got married, I had children, I worked as a self-employed therapist, I became employed as a therapist, I was involved with the Church, I moved away from the Church, I studied healing and moved away from that too. And after years and years of resisting, I finally agreed to study A Course in Miracles (ACIM) and shortly thereafter The Way of Mastery(WoM).

And today I have moved away from both ACIM and WoM in order em-body the light that I Am and share it with all whom I meet. I no longer talk to people about ‘spirituality’, for what is there to talk about? It is to be lived and enjoyed and celebrated and that is what I do!


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