Detoxification of Body and Mind: If you don’t change your mind, it won’t work

Everybody knows  – or do they? – that before we can truly absorb nutrients, it is vital to detoxify the body. So many people I know tell me they are detoxifying their body by drinking some herbal tea or other, intended to target some organ or other and they continue to live and eat and drink during the process just as they did before. Then they marvel at the fact that nothing has changed.

  In order to detoxify the body, whole courageous  processes are required. These           processes take time, dedication, patience and faith. They are a step into the   Unknown, uncharted territory. We take our courage into both hands and start to   flush out all the accumulated toxins in the gut, the kidneys, the liver by actually doing proper cleanses which involve water, oil, and certain herbs.We cannot know how we will react – and as the general consensus is to tread ever so carefully and worry excessively about our Health and Safety, we are unlikely to find much support among friends and family. We might be fortunate and attract to ourselves the counsel of one who has gone before us and who can encourage and accompany us on this new adventure. For more details, go to It is the adventure of Taking Your Health into Your Own Hands.

Often, it takes a Crisis for us to make a courageous decision. In the case of the body, it will be a physical illness or a sense of being under par. Once we have taken the decision, we embark on the new adventure.

After the cleanses have been successfully completed and health, energy and vitality emerge,  self-confidence increases, for we have survived and indeed we are on the way to thriving. This takes time, for toxicity has accumulated in our physical cells from many sources: external, such as pollution, poor diet, lack of water, lack of exercise, past dental work, to name but a few – and internal,  such as  negative thoughts translating into feelings of suffering and these resulting in toxic chemicals being released in the body.

Only after we have taken out the blockages to the absorption of nutrients – the toxins – is it meaningful to start taking in new and vital nutrients in any form: supplements or Superfoods like Spirulina, Cacao Beans, Maca, Chlorella as examples.

Otherwise, as a tutor on a Healing Course once said, “It’s like putting icing on top of the crap.”

This applies to the mind just as it does to the body.

It is vital to detoxify the mind before we can truly absorb the Reality of Love that we are. We are required in this case to leave behind our safety and comfort zones and here too, be brave enough to enter into the Unknown. How do we do this?  We start to allow for a different way of seeing things, a different way of perceiving the world about us and our fellow beings. We begin by recognising that we do not – as we previously thought – know the outcome of our days and weeks and months and years, but that every moment brings with it a new experience, for each new moment is uncharted territory. It has never existed before and it will never exist again.

I hear the thought popping up: “That’s all very well and might well be true – but ….”

The “but” sits in our minds as a witness to all the fear we  feel at the mere thought of allowing change. In fact, it is the Fear of Living Fully and it permeates our beliefs and actions. It is due to the amnesia we suffer from: we have simply forgotten Who We Are and believe ourselves to be small and insignificant and subject to victimization and we feel  powerless to do anything about it.

The “but” thus represents our holding onto the same old thoughts and beliefs while hoping for change for the better. We do not realise that this is simply impossible. Our thoughts and beliefs create our reality and thus we keep having the same reality confirmed as long as we keep the same beliefs.

Again, as with the body, it usually takes  A Crisis Of Some Sort for us to finally fall to our knees and recognise that we cannot take another step – we have reached rock bottom and are forced to admit our helplessness. We literally have to change our mind or stay stuck in deep unhappiness.

Let this not be a call to grandiosity. This is a call to let ourselves grow into our full splendor while retaining the humility required before so awesome an event; for not I live my life, but Life lives Itself through me and the more I allow, the more harmless I become – until I am completely harmless and can be seen by the world as bringing true Peace for it is the Peace I have found within myself.