Christopher Owen, Verwood, Dorset. I have been a participant in three constellations workshops facilitated by Magdalene. I had absolute confidence in her from the outset because she conveyed a sense of being at ease with herself, of bringing to the session considerable experience and knowledge of this work.  These were powerful transforming experiences for me. As a newcomer, I was amazed at how the process works and at Magdalene’s sensitive yet assured enabling of it.

Heidi Fawcett, Camberley, Surrey. Having attended two of Magdalene’s powerful Family Constellation Workshops, I am in absolute amazement at how deep they take us into seeing and feeling the energies of our ancestors in the present moment. I felt time had collapsed, during the workshop and that we were experiencing eternity, and multidimensional healing in the now. Thank you to Magdalene for being such a gifted facilitator for this enlightening workshop, and for getting out of the way and allowing the Divine to work miracles through you. Thank you.

Caroline Bliss, Newbury, Berks. Having watched and experienced numerous constellations workshops with Magdalene Tamara as the facilitator I knew asking her to work with me via a skype session would be just as powerful in its undertaking.  I was not mistaken, during the session I was able to feel and better understand each soul’s pain and trauma and much was shown within this constellation which was deeply hidden from the story of everyday life.  Magdalene’s ability to hold the space and guide each soul to honour their truth for the higher good of all involved is a remarkable gift.  Love is truly flowing.  Deepest Gratitude, Magdalene Tamara 

Melissa, Wiltshire. For me it was a very powerful and transformative experience and as testament to this I noticed a missed call from my daughter just two hours after the process. She had been out of contact all week so this was significant. I left a message on her phone and was able to resist following it up with another call the following day when I hadn’t heard back. This paid off and she rang me that evening. It was a very different conversation to previous calls as I was able to listen more and offer advice less. So thank you for helping us both to change the unhealthy dynamic between us. With much love and gratitude.


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